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Jannick Clausen - Clausen Photography ABN 53 249 966 803

These terms and conditions relate to the photography workshops organised by Clausen Photography, ABN 53 249 966 803, and run by Jannick Clausen, the workshop leaders. All itineraries are subject to change to accommodate local conditions and opportunities. You will also need to add in your own travel to the tour / workshop starting destination. 

Pricing, deposit requirements, and interim payments are detailed for each tour / workshop on our website. The price includes photographic tuition, workshops, all ground transportation & accommodation as detailed in the tour / workshop itinerary. Entry fees to tour locations, and any other activity detailed in the inclusions on the tour webpage are also included. Meals are also included where detailed in the itinerary, and provided by restaurants and / or hotels. 

Bookings can be made on the Clausen Photography website at www.clausen.com.au or you can email Jannick at jannick@clausen.com.au, or call jannick on +61 0414580030. Tour participants are limited to the number detailed on our website plus the tour guides and any drivers or additional guides required. Trip spaces will be confirmed in order of receipt and upon payment of deposit. Accommodation will be in clean 3 or more star hotels / motels.

To confirm your tour / workshop place, payment of the deposit is required at time of booking. Once your reservation has been confirmed, payment of the trip fee balance will be required as detailed for the specific tour / workshop on our website. We regret that personal or bank cheques are not accepted. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if payment is not received when due, wherein the Cancellations and Refunds clause, listed below, shall come into effect.

Should you wish to cancel your booking, you must advise us in writing (email is fine). If the tour is cancelled by Clausen Photography for any reason a full refund of any payments made will be given. If you decide to cancel your attendance on the photography tour / workshop no refunds will be offered. In the event of extraordinary circumstances refunds may be offered by Clausen Photography on a case by case basis up to 30 days prior to tour commencement.  

The tour is designed to be suitable for people of all ages in good health and moderate fitness. While activities are not strenuous, on some trips we will be walking on clearly marked trails in wilderness areas, which involve uphill walks and uneven ground under. Although it’s not possible to predict weather we will advise in the tour information provided closer to the tour, the type of weather we can expect and recommended clothing. It will be necessary to carry your

own camera equipment, extra clothing, food and water for all activities. Should you have any concerns about your own capabilities and/or fitness in relation to a particular trip, please discuss this with us before any excursions. You are required to disclose any medical or physical condition that you have which could create a risk for you or any other participants. We assume no responsibility for medical care nor guarantee to meet any special dietary requirements.

Personal health/travel insurance is a requirement for all participants visiting from another country, your medical expenses in the event of incident or injury will not be covered by Clausen Photography. Medical care and evacuation in foreign countries can be very expensive, don’t assume that you are covered by your policies at home. We also recommend you take out insurance for your personal belongings, but this is also not a requirement. 

The responsibility of Clausen Photography is strictly limited. As a workshop operator, Clausen Photography may organise, promote, and sell programs consisting of services that it purchases from various suppliers. Clausen Photography does not own or operate any of these suppliers and as such is not responsible for any negligent or willful act or failure or omission of any supplier. By taking part in the workshop, you agree that Clausen Photography shall not be liable for the above failings. Clausen Photography cannot accept responsibility for losses or extra expenses caused by, but not limited to, delay or changes in any transportation services, weather, illness, injury, strike, quarantine or other causes. All such losses or expenses will be the sole responsibility of the participant. Clausen Photography reserves the right to cancel any workshop prior to commencement, whereupon paid funds will be refunded in full, but is not liable for any other trip preparation expenses such as, but not limited to, air ticket penalties, visa fees and medical treatments. Clausen Photography reserves the right to substitute accommodations (if any) of similar category for those indicated and to make any changes in the itinerary or transport where deemed necessary. Where weather conditions or forces of nature restrict or prohibit workshop activities, it reserves the right to alter the trip program and substitute alternative activities. Prior to commencement of any workshop the Acceptance of Risk Release form is a term of sale. The Acceptance of Risk release must be agreed to by each participant prior to the commencement of the workshop. No alterations to the Acceptance of Risk Release will be accepted. If a participant attends a workshop without signing an Acceptance of Risk Release, their attendance confirms their acceptance of all parts of these Terms and Conditions, and the Acceptance of Risk Release. These Terms and Conditions, and the Acceptance of Risk release, shall be governed in all respects by and interpreted in accordance with the law within Australia. That’s it! Any special requests, please let us know beforehand!


There may be hazards on this workshop and you must follow the instructions of your workshop leaders. Please let your workshop leaders know immediately if you identify hazards. Clausen Photography reserves the right to withdraw any person who in its opinion is likely to endanger themselves or others. Clausen Photography also reserves the right to cancel the workshop if hazards could compromise the safety of any person. Clausen Photography assumes no responsibility for any personal loss, damage or injury.

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