A little story about me and my photography.

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Early learning

My interest in photography started early.

I had a strict diet of flash bulbs.

See and capture the light, don't eat it.

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I started shooting Canon from a very young age. No, I'm not related to Cher.

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Working in style

I always bring a blue couch with me to any location I'm working.

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The Alien

I love getting away on photography trips with my mates. How good is that lens flare.

 P.s. forgot blue couch.


Awards stuff

In 2016 I was extremely lucky to win the title of AIPP Queensland Epson Landscape and Professional photographer of the year.


More Awards stuff

The year of 2016 got even better. I won the "Big One" and was awarded the title of AIPP Australian Landscape photographer of the Year.


Top Emerging

In 2017 I was awarded Australia's Top Emerging Landscape Photographer in a competition run through Capture Magazine. 


On Location.

That's more than enough about me.

Now you made it this far please have a look at my artworks and I would love you to support me by investing in my art.


Limited edition signed and open edition artworks.