A Plastic Fraser Island 😢

I just returned from a weeks stay on the beautiful world heritage listed Fraser Island  off the coast of Queensland, Australia. 🇦🇺 

Each time I visit Fraser Island there seems to be more and more rubbish washed up or dumped by visitors to the island. 🌴 

We traveled a few hundred kilometers up and down the beaches and I was saddned to see how much plastic was visible from the car. Everything from bottles, straws, bags, nets, crates, buckets and so much more. 

Some showing signs of being in the ocean for a while before ending up on the beach and others looking like they had just been dumped there. 

I recently rewatched the documentary “A Plastic Ocean” ( directed by Craig Leeson, Brainstorm Media-2017) and it’s a real eye opener, well worth a watch. 

The ‘Leave no Trace Principle’ is something I follow and hope to share with my fellow travelers. 



A small sample of the plastics dumped and washed up on the beaches of Fraser Island. 🌴